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Social media has made it possible for us all to be digital marketers.How do digital marketers engage on Twitter

The reality is that if you are on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ you “are” a digital marketer whether you like it or not. You are publishing  and promoting a brand. It might be brand “you” or it maybe be a  business or organisation you represent.

If you publish you are a digital marketer.

Publishing is now marketing and the mind share that content marketing has  garnered reveals the power of social content and crowd sourced sharing.

Marketing also involves two key activities.

Publishing and promotion

Social media provides the means, the technology and the platforms to do  both.

Don’t underestimate Twitter’s brevity

Twitter’s role in the digital marketing pantheon was often seen as about  breaking news. Used correctly it can accelerate your brand message and content  to a global waiting audience that will pass it on. Don’t underestimate Twitter’s  marketing horsepower because of its 140 character brevity.

It can be a focused marketing platform that drives brand awareness and  content discovery. It is a low friction network that moves multi-media content  in real time….fast.

Some questions

So if you see yourself as a digital marketer then you may be asking some  questions. This will provide you with some ideas on the sources you may need to  be reading to keep up to date. It will also enable some insights into the  sources, apps and people that you may need to follow or check out.

  1. Which social networks are they on?
  2. What apps and platforms do they use to share on Twitter?
  3. What mobile apps do they use for sharing ?
  4. What types of content do they share?
  5. What are the mainstream media sources?
  6. What industry sources are they sharing?
  7. What are the social media media sources are they reading, viewing and  sharing?
  8. Who are the people most retweeted by digital marketers?
  9. Who are the people that are most mentioned?
  10. What are the brands most retweeted?

recent report on  Leadtail looked at 143,856 tweets and 69,657 shared links to provide a  snapshot of how digital marketers engage on Twitter. It also provided  answers to those 10 questions.

How do digital marketers engage on Twitter?

Here are some insights into Twitter engagement as performed by digital  marketers. It reveals resources, tools and people that you may not have heard of  that you may want to add to your reading, viewing and watch list.



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