The Portrait of a LinkedIn User in 2013 | Bedford Hills Realtor

According to this infographic, two people join LinkedIn every second of every day. It then proceeds to ask “Then what?”

“How are they using it and is it really helping them?” this infographic from Power Formula asks.

According to the infographic, though LinkedIn has a paid option, 84.4 percent of people who use it use the free version of the social networking site. That is, just 15.1 percent pay to use linkedIn. There is a small number of LinkedIn users (0.5 percent) who are not sure whether they use the free or the paid version of the professional-leaning social network.

When it comes to first-level connections – that is, the people a user is directly connected to – the largest group is at 500 to 999 connections (21.7 percent). The smallest group is not those with fewer connections, it’s those who have 300 or more connections (1.3 percent).

Looking at the numbers LinkedIn consultant and author Wayne Brietbarth provided Power Formula, the next largest group of first-level connections is people who have 301 to 499 connections (18.7 percent) followed by people who have 101 to 200 connections (15.9 percent).

As to sharing their first-level network with their first-level connections, most LinkedIn user share who they are connected to (63.3 percent). Only 12.2 percent keep their first-level network private to their first-level connections. However, 24.5 percent are not sure so maybe their LinkedIn settings are not really transparent to them.

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When talking about groups, the LinkedIn user of 2013 mostly is a member in 1 to 9 groups (35.5 percent). The infographic notes that 2.2 percent of LinkedIn users are not members of any group, 25.1 percent are members of 10 to 19 groups, 9.3 percent are members of 20 to 29 groups, 4 percent are members of 30 to 39 groups, 7.8 percent are members of 40 to 49 groups, a large 14 percent are members of 50 groups (the maximum number of groups LinkedIn allows a user to be a member of), and 2 percent have no idea that LinkedIn had groups.

Meanwhile, more than half (52.2 percent) of those asked said they use LinkedIn 0 to 2 hours every week which is not a great statistic if you are LinkedIn. Nonetheless, there are people who use it more than that with most of the others using it 3 to 4 hours every week.

When asked how LinkedIn has helped them, the most common answer users gave was that the social network helped them research people and companies (75.8 percent). The second-most given answer to the question was that LinedIn helped reconnect with past business associates and colleagues (70.6 percent). The least-given answer was generating identifiable business opportunities at 28.3 percent.



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